I'm probably eating a Clif Bar, or riding my bike, or being an idiot with my dog.

I like eating in restaurants alone.
I like sleeping on airplanes.
I like watching couples argue in public.
I like going into someone else's home and picturing myself living there.
I like getting off the subway one stop early.
I like that feeling of confusion when I wake up in an unfamiliar room.
I like leaving a party without saying goodbye.
I like the silence of closing a book after it's over.
I like packing for a trip as absolutely light as possible.
I like saying sorry when I fuck up.
I like taking the stairs.
I like saying please and thank you.
I like making up the recipe as I go.
I like when I see someone with the same watch or shoes and we have this tiny but clear connection.
I like when I see my mom and she says "hi son".